Alec Ross

Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Bologna Business School

  • Recognised as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine
  • Co-Founder of One Economy Corporation
  • Former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton
  • Author of “The Industries of the Future” and “The Raging 2020s”

Discover Alec Ross’s biography of published work below.

The Raging 2020s
The Raging 2020s
The Industries of the Future
The Industries of the Future

When Alec Ross is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Your Company’s Foreign Policy 
Navigating the Demands of Shareholders and Stakeholders
Managing the Raging 2020s
Innovation, Automation, and Education in Tomorrow’s Economy 
The Car Crash between Business, Government, and Everyday People 
10 Innovations that will Change All of Our Lives in the Next 10 Years
Futureproofing Our Children: Parenting and Leading in a Changing World 
The Road Forward for the USA and Europe  
Today’s University Students, Imagining and inventing the Future 

Alec Ross stands out as a beacon of insight in the evolving world of technology and innovation. As a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Bologna Business School, Alec’s expertise shines brightest at the intersection of innovation, geopolitics, and geoeconomics. Recognised as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine, his thought leadership and visionary perspective make him a sought-after voice in international dialogues about the future.

Alec’s journey to becoming a global luminary in innovation wasn’t a conventional one. He began his career as a 6th Grade Teacher with Teach For America, equipping the next generation with foundational knowledge. His academic prowess was evident from his days at Northwestern University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in History. But it was his role as the Co-Founder of One Economy Corporation in 2000 that marked the beginning of his legacy in technology and innovation. Under his leadership, over 200,000 low-income households gained access to broadband, bridging the digital divide and empowering countless individuals.

In the political arena, Alec played a pivotal role as a Convener for the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Policy Committee for Obama For America. Later, as the Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, he crafted and spearheaded initiatives that utilised technology to address intricate foreign policy matters. His affiliations with prestigious institutions like Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and King’s College speak volumes about his academic and research credentials.

Alec’s corporate influence is just as notable. As a Board Partner at Amplo, he has collaborated with prominent companies, including Robinhood, Andela, Parsley Health, Two Chairs, and His strategic insights and visionary thinking have been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of these enterprises. Alec’s prowess as an author adds another feather to his cap. His bestsellers, “The Industries of the Future” and “The Raging 2020s,” delve deep into the next wave of innovations and societal changes. Through his interviews with global influencers, he crafts a compelling narrative on the need for a revamped social construct. He has also delivered a TEDx Talk entitled “Industries of the Future”.

What sets Alec apart, however, is his uncanny ability to foresee issues that will dominate national and global discussions. As a keynote speaker, he delivers not just predictions but actionable insights. His presentations revolve around innovation for business growth, navigating stakeholder expectations, the transformational power of automation and education, and the paths ahead for both the USA and Europe. His vast reservoir of knowledge, coupled with his dynamic presentation style, guarantees an enlightening and inspiring event. Hire Alec Ross, and pave the way for a future replete with innovative potential.

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