Data & Privacy Speakers

As we share more and more sensitive information online, with each person creating 1.7MB of data per second, we must keep private online information safe from malicious hands. This is where data privacy experts come in, with years of experience maintaining the integrity of data, they expertly detail how to keep private information safe from cybercriminals. Experts on GDPR and data privacy speakers teach audiences how to keep personal information safe in an advanced cyber community, from keeping passwords safe online to avoiding links from untrustworthy sources.

When looking to become an expert on data privacy, hire a data and privacy speaker today and protect yourself and your business from data threats.

Aishwarya Srinivasan

Former Data Scientist on the Google Cloud AI Services team, Founder of Illuminate AI & Named Trailblazer of the Year by Women in AI 2022

Andrea De Mauro

Author of "Data Analytics Made Easy" & Former Director of Analytics of P&G

Andreas Ekström

Digital Futurist, Author of 'The Google Code' & Named Swedish Speaker of the Year 2019

Angela Oguntala

Founding Partner at Greyspace, Salzburg Global Fellow & Featured on Platforms including Sky, TED & NPR

Arun Pattanayak

Technical Specialist at Microsoft, Former Manager at EY & Social Chair for the Network of Indian Professionals

Barry Smyth

Digital Chair & Professor of Computer Science at University College Dublin & Founding Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Ben Nassi

Jacobs Urban Tech Hub Fellow and Postdoctoral Research at Cornell Tech and Recipient of Pwnie Award 2023 for the Best Cryptographic Attack

Cha’Von Clark-Joelle

Global Member of Mission Impact Academy & One of the Top 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2024

Daniela Amodei

President & Co-Founder of Anthropic, Former VP of Safety & Policy at OpenAI & Board Member for Inceptive

Dario Amodei

CEO & Co-Founder of Anthropic, Former Senior Research Scientist for Google & Former Vice President of Research at OpenAI

David Leslie

Professor of Ethics Technology & Society at Queen Mary University of London & Director of Ethics & Responsible Innovation Research at The Alan Turing Institute

Dominic Cushnan

Director of AI, Imaging, & Deployment at the NHS, Former AI Lead & Digital Transformation at AHSN for South London & Member of the Silver Buck's Silver Buccaneers Advisory Board

In a world where 347 billion emails and 500 million Tweets are sent per day, we must do our utmost to maintain data privacy. To do so, data privacy experts explore when, how and to what extent personal data should be shared with others. Such personal information can include a person’s name, contact information or location, all information that can be stolen by malicious cybercriminals if not protected.

The AI Speakers Agency’s roster of data and privacy speakers includes experts in maintaining the security of data, detailing everything from how to keep passwords safe to limiting the use of third-party software.

Why not book a data & privacy speaker for Data Privacy Day, celebrated on the 28th of January annually?