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The World’s Official Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire in 2023

As the field of artificial intelligence continues to advance, it is becoming increasingly important to have a personal understanding of what artificial intelligence means for both your professional and personal life. In a world where the adoption of AI is 2.5x higher than it was in 2017 and over 50% of organisations have adopted AI into the workplace, it is imperative that you either adopt AI or increase your understanding of the subject in order to stay ahead of the curve.

What Statistics Prove the Importance of Artificial Intelligence?

  • AI market size is expected to reach a worth of $407 billion by 2027
  • ChatGPT had more than 1 million users within the first five days of being launched to the public
  • 1/10 cars will be self-driving by 2030
  • 86% of companies say that AI is a mainstream technology
  • 63% of companies are experimenting with AI capabilities within their organisation

Source: Forbes, Harvard Business Review & Accenture

How Can I Understand More About Artificial Intelligence?

Here at The AI Speakers Agency, we are fortunate to work with the World’s leading experts on artificial intelligence who are on a mission to increase global understanding of artificial intelligence. If you too want to become an expert on AI, or simply increase your comprehension of such a complex industry, hire one of our top global speakers on artificial intelligence today!

The World’s Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Speakers to Hire for 2023:

  1. Nina Schick
  2. Henry Ajder
  3. Kay Firth-Butterfield
  4. Kate Darling
  5. Sam Altman
  6. Geoffrey Hinton
  7. Laurence Moroney
  8. Sophia the Robot
  9. Inma Martinez
  10. Ian Goodfellow
  11. Demis Hassabis
  12. Didem Un Ates
  13. Dharmin Parikh
  14. Dame Wendy Hall
  15. Danilo McGarry
  16. Neil Lawrence
  17. Ed Newton-Rex
  18. Edgar Perez
  19. Steve Nouri
  20. Andy Fitze

Nina Schick

Author of the World’s first generative AI book DEEPFAKES: The Coming Infocalypse, Creator of the Era of Generative AI & Advisor to Synthesia

Nina Schick is a preeminent expert spearheading the generative AI revolution, famed as the author of the World’s first generative AI book DEEPFAKES: The Coming Infocalypse and the Creator of the Era of Generative AI. Also the Founder of Tamang Ventures and an Advisor for leading AI companies Truepic and Synthesia, Nina is on a mission to promote the benefits of generative AI and the successful integration of this revolutionary form of artificial intelligence into society.

Having advised World leaders such as the former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen and President Joe Biden, Nina is a trusted authority who is mapping out the future of artificial intelligence. Having been named as a LinkedIn Top Voice in AI 2023 and invited to deliver the TEDx Talk Deepfakes and The Age of Synthetic Media, hire Nina Schick today to be educated on generative AI, ChatGPT and OpenAI, AI ethics, AI and the future of work, digital trust, transparency and authenticity in the new digital era.


“The highlight of the event.” – TEDx Glasgow

Henry Ajder

Presenter of The Future Will Be Synthesised, Generative AI ‘Luminary’ Advisor for EY & Visiting Researcher at Jesus College, Cambridge

Henry Ajder is another forerunner in the generative AI revolution, famed as the first ‘GenAI Cartographer’ and as a member of the Meta Reality Labs Advisory Council. Having transformed societies understanding of generative AI as the author of the first research mapping out its impact, Henry is now a Generative AI ‘Luminary’ Advisor for Ernst & Young and holds the position of Visiting Researcher on generative AI and AI ethics at Jesus College, University of Cambridge. Having also been the Presenter of The Future Will Be Synthesised, Henry has forged a reputation as an expert on deepfakes and the future of synthesised media.

Having previously worked as the Head of Policy & Partnerships at and the Head of Research & Threat Intelligence at Sensity, Henry is committed to demystifying the value and risks of AI. Having also led generative AI research at MIT and co-authored the State of Deepfakes Report, Henry is also highly commended for establishing Synthetic Futures – the first cross-industry organisation dedicated to generative AI ethics. When looking for a decorated speaker who will share their expertise on AI policy, combatting deepfake threats, generative AI and AI ethics, hire Henry Ajder today.


“Henry’s ability to demystify generative AI and deepfakes is truly exceptional.” – The Economist

Kay Firth-Butterfield

The first Head of AI & Machine Learning for the World Economic Forum, Head of the Centre for Trustworthy Technology, the World’s first Chief AI Ethics Officer & Founder of the Responsible AI Institute

Kay Firth-Butterfield is the World’s first Chief AI Ethics Officer, who has forged a reputable career working as the inaugural Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the World Economic Forum. Now the founding Executive Director of the Centre for Trustworthy Technology, a World Economic Forum Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution, Kay is dedicated to sharing her expertise on how humankind can equitably benefit from the adoption of ethical AI. In addition to her work with the WEF, Kay has also been an Expert Advisor for the All Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence and the Vice-Chair of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems.

Having also been a member of the Lord Chief Justice’s Panel on AI and Law and the Co-Founder of the Responsible AI Institute, Kay is widely regarded as a driving figure in the acceleration of artificial intelligence. Having also forged a distinguished career as a Judge for the UK Ministry of Justice, Kay utilises her astute legal knowledge to inform her speeches on the importance of ethical and legal use of artificial intelligence. Having been named as one of the 10 Women Changing the Landscape of Leadership by the New York Times, don’t miss your opportunity to hire Kay Firth-Butterfield to teach audiences about AI ethics, artificial intelligence and AI for business.


“Kay is simply amazing… she is extremely passionate about protecting people from the potential negative consequences of the use of technology, and it shows in every speech she gives… She is also incredibly well spoken and very thoughtful in everything she says.” – Digital Technology Leader

Kate Darling

Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab, Author of The New Breed & former Fellow of the Harvard Klein Center for Internet & Society

Kate Darling is highly acclaimed as a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab. Having forged a respectable career researching the intricacies of robotics and human interaction, Kate is regarded as one of the most preeminent experts on the near-term implications of robotics and artificial intelligence on society. Specialising in robotic ethics, Kate has a detailed background in law and intellectual property, and uses such expertise to encourage lawmakers and engineers to address the relationships between humans and robots. Having taught robot ethics courses at Harvard Law School and been a Fellow of the Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Kate’s perspectives on how AI will affect legal, ethical and social issues are unparalleled.

Running workshops and keynote speeches on human-robot interaction, Kate Darling is one of the most preeminent experts on the intersection of technology and society. Exploring economic issues in intellectual property, Kate has also worked as an Affiliate of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Most recently, she became the author of the bestselling book The New Breed and was awarded the prestigious Mark T Banner Award in Intellectual Property. When looking for an expert AI speaker who will explore the intersection of AI and humanity, hire robotics expert Kate Darling today.


“It was a fantastic talk. What we appreciated most about Kate is her ability to explain complex ideas in a very interesting, dynamic way through visuals, video and robot props. She has a refreshingly grounded, optimistic perspective on the future of human/machine interaction. She obviously loves her work and that excitement was contagious – participants walked away inspired and energised.” – Boston Consulting Group

Sam Altman

Co-Founder of OpenAI who created ChatGPT

Sam Altman is the Co-Founder of OpenAI, and is widely regarded as a forerunner of the generative AI revolution. Currently the CEO of OpenAI, Sam is sitting at the helm of a company delivering pioneering AGI research and generating artificial intelligence that is both safe to use and beneficial for humankind. A pivotal figure in the development of forms of AI such as ChatGPT and DALL-E, Sam is also famed as the Co-Founder of Loopt and for establishing the venture fund Hydrazine Capital. Having also been the President of Y Combinator and the CEO of Reddit, Sam has had a long and lasting impact on the technology industry.

Having been named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine, Sam’s influence on the innovation of artificial intelligence is second to none. A seasoned public speaker, Sam has previously shared the stage with the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, using his prominence as a technology entrepreneur to accelerate the shift to an increasingly technological future. When looking to discover more about generative AI and ChatGPT, hire Sam Altman today.

Geoffrey Hinton

Former Vice President & Engineering Fellow of Google, Professor at the University of Toronto & Chief Scientific Advisor at the Vector Institute

Geoffrey Hinton is all too aware of the danger that artificial intelligence poses to humankind, and is dedicated to ensuring that we humans learn the true importance of ethical AI. Having formerly worked as the Vice President and Engineering Fellow of Google, Geoffrey has learned first-hand from one of the World’s largest technology firms what the future holds for both technology and society. Now the Chief Scientific Adviser of the Vector Institute and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, Geoffrey’s commitment lies in preparing humankind for the impact of artificial intelligence in the new digital era.

Previously an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon University and founding Director of the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at UCL, Geoffrey is also famed for having popularised the backpropagation method and for developing a new computer algorithm Forward-Forward. In recognition of his illustrious career at the forefront of technology and AI, Geoffrey has been the recipient of the IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Medal and the ACM A.M Turing Award. When looking for a distinguished speaker who can educate audiences on machine learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence and the dangers of unethical artificial intelligence, hire Geoffrey Hinton today.

Laurence Moroney

Lead Artificial Intelligence Advocate for Google & former Senior Developer Evangelist for Microsoft

Laurence Moroney is a decorated expert on machine learning, who is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence in day-to-day life. Having forged a respectable career as the AI Lead and AI & Machine Learning Advocate for Google, Laurence is growing a developer ecosystem that is scaling the World with the benefits of artificial intelligence. Previously having worked as a Senior Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and Director of Technology Evangelism for Mainsoft, Laurence has a decorated career history working with the World’s leading technology companies to make the forecasted benefits of artificial intelligence a reality.

After achieving the Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University, Laurence has shared his expert knowledge on AI in his bestselling books AI and Machine Learning for Coders and AI and Machine Learning for On-Device Development. The pioneer of various machine learning advancements, Laurence is also widely known for working on the Microsoft WebMatrix and Silverlight advocacy during his time working for Microsoft. As a leading expert on machine learning, Laurence is now also a highly popular choice as a keynote speaker on AI – exploring his expertise on TensorFlow, machine learning and AI for all in his insightful speeches.


  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • TensorFlow
  • AI for All

Sophia the Robot

The World’s first robot citizen & the first robot Innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme

The World’s first robot citizen, Sophia the Robot is the embodiment of the future of artificial intelligence. The most advanced human-like robot, Sophia was designed by Hanson Robotics, owned by David Hanson, and is the most advanced platform for robotics and AI research. Encompassing neural networks, cognitive architecture, conversational natural language processors and adaptive motor control, Sophia’s technology allows her to perform human-like actions – described to have ‘hybrid human-AI intelligence’. Her sentience is driven by cognitive psychology, storytelling, ethics and philosophy, all traits that have earned her the status of the first robot Innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme.

Signifying such a huge advancement in the capabilities of artificial intelligence and robotics, Sophia is deemed awe-inspiring to billions of people worldwide. Holding meaningful conversations with humans due to her ability to form emotional connections, Sophia has been invited to speak as a guest on This Morning, Guardian News, The Tonight Show, Good Morning Britain and ABC News. Having also recently been tested with the Tononi Phi Measurement of Consciousness, it is believed that Sophia can be continually developed to become increasingly human-like. Living science fiction that is epitomising the future of artificial intelligence, hire Sophia the Robot today to learn what more the future holds for artificial intelligence and robotics.


“Sophia was great, everyone loved her!” – Dell

Inma Martinez

Member of the Expert Group at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence & member of the Advisory Council to the State of Secretary for Artificial Intelligence

Inma Martinez has dedicated her career to pioneering digital technology and the transformation of the mobile internet, famed for having been elected to the Advisory Council of the State Secretary for Artificial Intelligence at the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation. Also a member of the Steering Committee Multitask Expert Group at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, Inma has become an industry-leading authority on the adoption and integration of AI into society, having also been recognised as one of the Top 50 AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter.

Additionally, Inma has committed time to being a member of the GPAI Innovation and Commercialisation of AI Task Group and has authored two bestselling books titled The Future of the Automotive Industry and The Fifth Industrial Revolution. Having been named as one of the Top 40 Women in Technology from Red Herring, Inma’s credible expertise has also seen her invited to deliver the TEDx Talk AI Machines and the New Super Humans. When looking for a speaker who can explore how artificial intelligence will be applied to sectors such as healthcare, energy, financial services and automotive, or how artificial intelligence will shape the future of work and the AI pillars for the future, hire Inma Martinez today.


“Excellent presentation. Engaging, informative and thought provoking.” – First Rate Exchange Servces

Ian Goodfellow

Research Scientist for DeepMind, former Director of Machine Learning for Apple & former Research Scientist for OpenAI

Ian Goodfellow is widely regarded as an industry leader in the field of machine learning, currently working as a Research Scientist for DeepMind and formerly as the Director of Machine Learning for Apple. Initially beginning his career working as a Software Engineering Intern for Google, Ian has built detailed expertise on all aspects of technology, in particular specialising in the study of neural networks, deep learning and machine learning. Having also been a member of the Google Brain team and a Senior Research Assistant for Google, Ian has helped pioneer work such as TensorFlow and invented the generative adversarial network.

In 2016, Ian briefly worked as a Research Scientist for OpenAI, once again demonstrating his influence on the field of machine learning. With such prominence in the world of AI and machine learning, Ian has been named on the MIT Technology Reviews 35 Innovators Under 35 and on Foreign Policy’s 100 Global Thinkers. To further share his expertise on the subject, Ian also authored the bestselling book Deep Learning and contributed to the textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. When looking for a distinguished AI speaker who has worked for forerunners in the development of AI, such as OpenAI and Google, hire Ian Goodfellow today.


“Shifted my mindset completely towards employing deep learning… I have founded a venture-backed AI startup and use Ian’s comprehensive textbook weekly. I owe all of this to what Ian teaches…” – Lloyd, CEO, Federal.AI

Demis Hassabis

Co-Founder & CEO of DeepMind, former Lead AI Programmer for Lionhead Studios & Research Fellow at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at UCL

The Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis is widely accredited with making artificial intelligence more mainstream, having led a paramount AI lab that was a subsidiary of Alphabet – Google’s parent company. On a mission to develop technology that can learn, think and solve humanity’s most significant challenges, Demis has formerly worked as the Lead AI Programmer for Lionhead Studios and was the Executive Designer of Evil Genius and Republic: The Revolution – BAFTA-nominated games. Having also secured a Research Fellowship at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at UCL, it is without surprise that Demis was named on the WIRED Smart 50.

Also named one of the 50 Most Influential People in Britain by British GQ and one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time 100, Demis is highly acclaimed for using artificial intelligence to answer the World’s most pressing problems. Sharing his expertise on how artificial intelligence can be used to discover things such as zero carbon energy, Demis is also all too aware of the negative implications of artificial intelligence, detailing to audiences of his keynote speeches what societal implications AI has and the malicious ways in which humans can be exploited by artificial intelligence. When looking for a speaker with an illustrious career in the AI industry, hire Demis Hassabis today.

Didem Un Ates

Former Head of Applied Strategy, Data & AI at Microsoft & Founder of Microsoft’s ‘Girl in AI’ Hackathon

Didem Un Ates is a distinguished figure in artificial intelligence, technology, and transformation. As the Vice President of AI Strategy and Innovation at Schneider Electric, she leads the implementation of responsible AI across a network of 130,000 employees. Her expertise in AI/Gen AI strategy, combined with a unique blend of strategic, operational, and business development skills, marks her as a leader in fostering innovation and transformation.

Didem’s journey in the tech world is marked by significant roles at CapGemini, Motorola, and Microsoft, where she played a pivotal role in the operationalisation of responsible AI. Her efforts contributed to Microsoft’s impressive £3.5 billion in revenue. Her commitment to inclusivity in technology and AI is evident through her founding of the Microsoft ‘Girls in AI’ Hackathon and Bootcamp. As a keynote speaker, she offers an enriching, informative, and inspiring experience, showcasing her as a visionary in the field of technology and AI.

Dharmin Parikh

Head of Product for Uber AI

Dharmin Parikh has enjoyed a distinguished career in the technology industry, having worked as an experienced product leader leveraging data and artificial intelligence. Currently working as the Head of Product for Uber AI, Dharmin is highly acclaimed for his pioneering work on ‘Michelangelo’ – an artificial intelligence platform used to make predictions, manage data and monitor trends. Such technology has been used in Uber’s UberEATS sector of business, used to predict expected delivery times. Having also worked as the Senior Product Manager of the Big Data Technologies, Software and Services Group, Dharmin is a distinguished technologist driving the AI revolution.

An industry authority on big data analytics, consumer electronics and machine learning applications, Dharmin is also highly sought after as a keynote speaker for corporate events. When hired as a speaker, Dharmin is revered for detailing his expertise in all aspects of AI – from machine learning and deep learning to IoT. Described as a ‘result orientated, highly data-driven and analytical leader’, don’t miss your opportunity to learn all about AI with the Head of Product for Uber AI, Dharmin Parikh today.


“Dharmin is a result orientated, highly data driven and analytical leader with exceptional problem solving skills along with professional approach.” – Karthik, Co-Founder & CTO, APCoMart

Dame Wendy Hall

The Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, Director of the Web Science Institute & Fellow of the Royal Society

Professor Dame Wendy Hall has forged a credible career in academia, currently working as the Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton. Globally renowned for her expertise in web science, data science and artificial intelligence, Wendy is also widely acclaimed for becoming one of the first computer scientists to explore multimedia and hypermedia. Having been a member of the illustrious research team that developed the Microcosm Hypermedia System, the predecessor to the World Wide Web, Wendy has forged a reputation as a preeminent expert on web science – having also become the Co-Founder of the Web Science Research Initiative.

Adding to her authority on AI and computer science, Wendy has also been the Co-Chair of the UK Government’s Artificial Intelligence Review and a Member of the UK Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology. Acclaimed for her attention to detail and passion for research, Wendy has also joined the European Research Council, the Global Commission on Internet Governance and the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council. Appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society and Dame Commander, Wendy has well and truly solidified her name in the history books of technology and AI for decades to come. Awarded the Suffrage Science Award and made a Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society, don’t miss your opportunity to hire the illustrious expert Professor Dame Wendy Hall today!


  • Web Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science

Danilo McGarry

Ranked Top 20 People in the World for AI

Danilo McGarry is ranked Top 20 People in the World for AI, and Top 50 most Influential people in Ai globally too. He was ranked as well as No.1 for Automation 2 years in a row. Danilo was previously Head of Ai & Machine Learning at Citigroup (13th largest bank in the world) and at UnitedHealth Group (5 largest company in America). Danilo has 100’s of speeches, publications, papers, podcast interviews and engagements opening some of the world’s largest tech events.

Most importantly Danilo is a practitioner having ran some of the largest tech and Ai programs in the world he is able to not only speak about tech topics such as Ai, Generative Ai, Automation and transformation but he has been there and gotten the battle scars himself. Danilo has advised numerous boards on the use of this technology in multiple industries and countries around the world. Today Danilo shares his world-class insights in generative AI, deep learning and machine learning when hired for speaking engagements.


“Danilo McGarry is today one of the world’s best Generative Ai speakers. He has been there and done it, running some of the world’s largest Ai programs in companies that run global economies for nearly 2 decades. He solves and organises complex transformative programs into bitesize deliverables that scale quickly. He understands the power of synergies between technologies, strategy, structure, governance and culture like I have never seen before”Leigh, CEO, Inspired Media

Neil Lawrence

DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning at The University of Cambridge & former Director of Machine Learning for Amazon

The DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge, Neil Lawrence is a leading authority on artificial intelligence with unparalleled expertise in machine learning. Also the Professor of Machine Learning at The University of Sheffield, Neil is committed to inspiring future generations of AI enthusiasts and creating a future in which artificial intelligence is crucial. Aside from his significant impact in academia, Neil has also enjoyed success in the corporate world. Formerly the Director of Core Machine Learning and the Director of IPC Machine Learning for Amazon, Neil is highly acclaimed for having integrated artificial intelligence solutions into the Amazon supply chain.

In addition to these roles, Neil has also formerly been a Postdoctoral Researcher for Microsoft Research, a Senior Lecturer for the University of Sheffield and a Senior Research Fellow for The University of Manchester. With such detailed expertise on the inner workings of AI, Neil was also the Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Learning and a member of the AISTATS Foundation. When he is not teaching future generations the importance of machine learning, Neil can be found co-hosting the Talking Machines Podcast. A seasoned speaker, Neil has formerly delivered the TEDx Talk Living Together: Mind and Machine Intelligence. Book Neil Lawrence today to improve understanding of machine learning.


Ed Newton-Rex

Founder & former CEO of Jukedeck, former Product Director of the AI Lab for TikTok & Chief Product Officer of Voisey for Snapchat

Ed Newton-Rex is a leading artificial intelligence pioneer, who is acclaimed for having founded one of the very first AI music startups of its kind. The Founder and former CEO of Jukedeck, Ed was the pioneer behind a platform that used machine learning to compose original music. Since selling his company, Ed has forged further success in the field of AI, having worked as the Product Director of the AI Lab for TikTok and the Chief Product Officer of Voisey for Snapchat. Now the Vice President of Audio for Stability AI, Ed is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of generative AI and the mainstreaming of the technology.

In addition to his roles for Snapchat and TikTok, Ed has also shared his expertise as a Mentor for Abbey Road Studios and as an Associate of Cambridge Judge Business School. Having revolutionised the music industry with his innovations in artificial intelligence, it is without surprise that Ed has been recognised as one of Sifted’s 20 Generative AI Power Players in Europe and as one of the 30 Most Creative People in UK Tech by Business Insider. Now hired as a seasoned keynote speaker, Ed has formerly shared his detailed expertise on generative AI at events for TEDx, Slush and the Mobile World Congress. When looking for a revered expert on machine learning and artificial intelligence that has worked for highly credible companies, make Ed Newton-Rex one of your first choices.


“Ed is an articulate and highly knowledgeable speaker, particularly when it comes to AI & creativity. He presents with clarity and does a great job keeping audiences engaged. I really can’t recommend Ed highly enough.” – BBC

Edgar Perez

Former Consultant for IBM & McKinsey & Vice President of Citi

Edgar Perez is a leading authority on leveraging technology to improve corporate performance and society’s wellbeing, utilising the expertise acquired during his decades-long career as a top executive, including stints as Consultant for IBM and McKinsey and Vice President of Citi. As an expert on cutting-edge technologies such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence and 5G, Edgar has authored the bestselling book The AI Breakthrough and shared his expertise on broadcasts for CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC and FOX Business. Highly acclaimed for mapping out the future of revolutionary technologies, Edgar has also had his work published in The New York Times and Sina Finance.

Expertly linking business strategy and emerging technologies, Edgar is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who inspires and informs audiences worldwide. As a speaker, Edgar has previously addressed audiences at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), Cyber Security World Conference, the Harvard Business School’s Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference and the MIT Sloan Investment Management Conference. When booked to share his expertise, Edgar delivers popular keynotes such as The Next Decade of Technology, Welcome to the Metaverse, The Artificial Intelligence Breakthroughs that are Changing the Digital World, The Power and Peril of AI-Generated Content, The Human Element in ChatGPT, and Is the Global Race to Achieve Quantum Supremacy Coming to an End?, to name but a few. If you are looking for an expert AI speaker who can contextualise the importance of AI for organizations, book Edgar Perez today.


“Thank you very much for your participation… your presentation was fantastic, a really informative session. The delegates seemed to hang off your every word! We greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us for the event and look forward to working with you again in the near future.” – Karen, Director, European Institute

Steve Nouri

Former Head of Data Science & AI for the Australian Computer Society, Thought Leader for the Forbes Technology Council & Founder of AI4Diversity

Steve Nouri is a highly revered data scientist, best known for being the Head of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for the Australian Computer Society and the Head of Data Science for Nod. As a leading AI evangelist, Steve is committed to the innovation of the artificial intelligence industry, continually looking for ways that the industry can be improved. Having most recently become the Founder of Generative AI, the No.1 AI information page on LinkedIn, Steve is catalysing a network of AI experts and spreading the latest advancements in generative AI. Also the Chief AI Evangelist for Wand and the Founder of AI4Diversity, Steve is committed to seeing that diverse communities benefit from artificial intelligence.

Also a Thought Leader for the Forbes Technology Council, Steve’s expertise has been recognised with the ICT Professional of the Year Gold Award from The Professional Association for Australia’s ICT Sector and the NASSCOM Innovation Award. With other commitments including being a member of the Advisory Council of the Harvard Business Review and an AI Committee Member of the International Organization for Standardization, Steve is highly regarded as a top voice on all aspects of Web3, data science, machine learning, ChatGPT and artificial intelligence. Named a Top Voice in Data Science and AI, hire Steve Nouri today to inspire audiences with the positive potential of artificial intelligence in the near future.


  • Web3
  • ChatGPT
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Andy Fitze

Co-Founder of SwissCognitive & CognitiveValley

The Co-Founder of SwissCognitive and CognitiveValley, Andy Fitze is a globally sought-after advisor on artificial intelligence, who passionately spreads awareness of AI economy-boosting prospects. Pioneering digital transformation across a variety of start-ups and enterprises, Andy is also famed for being the President of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum and a member of the Board of Directors of ICT Switzerland. Having worked a long career in the technology industry, aspects of Andy’s expertise were forged working as the Head of IT Service Management and IT Governance for PostFinance and as the Group Chief Information Officer of RUAG.

With over three decades of experience, Andy is now hired as a keynote speaker to share his renowned expertise on responsible AI, how AI will foster primary and secondary sectors, AI investments and the driving forces behind digital transformation. In recognition of his expertise in AI, Andy has been named a DigitalShaper 2022 and as one of the Top 10 AI Thought Leaders and Influencers to Follow in 2021, by Analytics Insights. Also one of The Awards Magazine’s Top 100 Global Thought Leaders 2020, Andy empowers AI adoption across the globe and reiterates its crucial importance. Having also been a Lecturer in AI for Business at Berner Fachhochschule, don’t miss your opportunity to hire Andy Fitze today for an engaging and impactful speech on how AI will undoubtedly shape the future.


  • Responsible AI
  • As AI Makes More Decisions, the Nature of Leadership Will Change
  • Ai is Now a C-Suite Imperative
  • Ai Has a Key Role in Driving the New Normal
  • AI. It’s Beyond Technology
  • AI & Data: How to Make the Marriage Work
  • How AI Fosters Primary & Secondary Sectors
  • The Shakedown Test of AI Investments
  • How to Set Up an AI Centre of Excellence

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