Dominic Cushnan

Director of AI, Imaging, & Deployment at the NHS, Former AI Lead & Digital Transformation at AHSN for South London & Member of the Silver Buck's Silver Buccaneers Advisory Board

  • Author of ‘Developing AR Games for iOS and Android’
  • Former Head of AI Imaging at NHSX
  • Former Director at

Dominic Cushnan is an influential figure in the realm of artificial intelligence, particularly in its application within healthcare. His role as Head of AI Imaging at the NHS Artificial Intelligence Lab highlights his commitment to integrating AI into medical imaging, showcasing the practical benefits of this technology in healthcare. His technical expertise, combined with his creative approach, has allowed him to successfully lead teams focusing on computer vision and human interface technologies. Dominic’s unique blend of technical skill and creativity is evident in his ability to manage remote teams effectively, ensuring that the advancements in AI are not only innovative but also practically applicable in real-world settings.

Before his tenure at the NHS, Dominic spent nearly a decade running his own information technology company. His transition to the NHS in 2014 was driven by a desire to enhance patient care, address public health issues, and contribute positively to society. As the AI Lead at NHS Horizons, part of NHS England’s Strategy and Innovation Directorate, Dominic plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare technology. Additionally, his position on the Silver Buck’s Silver Buccaneers Advisory board as one of six health IT disruptors further underscores his influence in the field, where he helps steer the direction of health IT innovations.

Dominic’s interest in digital disruption is particularly focused on how digital technologies can streamline and automate healthcare processes. He emphasises the importance of supporting staff to provide better patient care through these advancements. Dominic advocates for large-scale transformational changes in healthcare, stressing the need for widespread adoption and integration of new systems. His approach involves taking people on a journey of change, ensuring they are not only informed but also actively involved in decision-making processes. This participatory approach extends to encouraging individuals to use digital tools and applications for self-managed healthcare, highlighting his vision for a more empowered and informed patient population.

In his pursuit of digital innovation in healthcare, Dominic stresses the importance of inclusive collaboration. He aims to bring together digital experts, managers, staff, and service users to foster a comprehensive understanding of digital trends, the advantages and limitations of technology, and the need for thoughtful planning in implementing change. Dominic’s interest in ‘the uberisation of healthcare’ reflects his forward-thinking vision, where he explores the potential of projects like Google Deepmind, IBM Watson, Chatbot AIs, and the Internet of Things. His focus is on how these technologies can revolutionise public health, offering an opportunity to rethink and redesign health services for the better. This holistic and inclusive approach to healthcare transformation underlines Dominic’s commitment to harnessing AI for the greater good, making him a distinguished keynote speaker in the field of artificial intelligence.

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