Pattie Maes

Professor of Media, Arts & Sciences at MIT & Pioneer in Cognitive Enhancement

  • Founder of Firefly
  • Co-founder of Open Ratings and Tulip
  • Listed on Newsweek’s 100 Americans to Watch For
  • TIME Digital’s Top 50 Technological Pioneers of the High-Tech World
  • World Economic Forum’s Global Leader for Tomorrow
  • TED Talk: Human Machine Symbiosis

When Pattie Maes is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Why Every Organisation Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy
Enhancing Human Abilities: Cyborgs and the Future of Work
Anticipating the Future: AR, Cyborgs and the Next Wave of Human-Computer Technology

Pattie Maes is an authority on human-computer interaction and AI. For over three decades, she has served as a Professor of Media, Arts & Sciences at MIT and was the former Chair of the Media Lab’s executive committee. A world-renowned expert on the health, well-being and learning applications of AI, Pattie is a pioneer in cognitive enhancement. On a mission to use disruptive technology to assist people with pertinent issues, including decision-making, well-being, sleep, memory and attention, Pattie is now available to hire for speaking engagements.

A distinguished computer scientist, Pattie earned her PhD in Computer and Information Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit, Belgium. After completing her studies, she established several notable enterprises, innovating technology such as Firefly, a cutting-edge software that revolutionised the music market in the 90s and was later acquired by Microsoft. Possessing outstanding entrepreneurial skills, Pattie is also known as the co-founder of Open Ratings and Tulip and is an advisor to several early-stage start-ups with high growth potential, including Spatial and Earable.

In addition to managing MIT’s renowned Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces research group, she is also a faculty member at MIT’s Center for Neuro-Biological Engineering. Moreover, as a foremost expert on AI, Pattie is an editorial board member and editor of four books. She is also responsible for reviewing several reputed academic journals and conferences. In recognition of her contributions to human-computer interaction, she was named in Netguru’s Hidden Heroes: the people who shape technology in 2022. She has also been listed on Newsweek’s 100 Americans to Watch For, TIME Digital’s Top 50 Technological Pioneers of the High-Tech World and the World Economic Forum’s Global Leader for Tomorrow.

One of the world’s preeminent authorities on AI, Pattie, has presented several TED Talks, including Unveiling Game-Changing Wearable Tech, Human Machine Symbiosis and Smarter Technology. Seeking to support human potential with technology, Pattie has firmly established herself as a thought leader on human-computer interaction and AI with her ground-breaking contributions. With over three decades of innovation in computer science, Pattie is a highly-sought after speaker on the applications and implications of AI.

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